Advanced Lighting, Portraiture, and Wedding Photography

Cost: $45.00
Skill Level: Beginner
Instructor: Carder Frutiger
Location: ASAP Photo & Camera’s Portrait Studio
Length: (3) 2 hour sessions
Next Class Dates: July 7, 12, and 14
Frequency: Approximately one class per 6 weeks
Enrollment: Maximum 15 people
Info: contact [email protected]

Ready for the next step? For many, a small interest in photography turns into a lifelong pursuit of the perfect image. Some even decide to earn extra money as an event or studio photographer. This course is designed for those who wish to have total control over the creation of an image. In fact, many of the folks who have taken this particular class book weddings on a regular basis; some even have their own studios!

The primary focus of this course is light. The dynamics of light, lighting ratios, light meters, and various forms of studio lighting equipment are all discussed. All issues discussed are designed to improve  upon professionalism in your own photography. Working with subjects, posing for portraits, and covering weddings and other events are also included topics. We get your feet wet, its up to you to take the head first dive into the professional photography scene.

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