Classes Available
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Digital Photography NEW!!!
Intermediate Photography
Nature, Macro, Wildlife, and Travel Photography
Advanced Lighting, Portraiture, and Wedding Photography
Classes are taught by Dewane Frutiger or Jason Mills at night from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at ASAP Photo & Camera in Greenville, NC. Reservations are limited and must be paid in advance. Dates to be announced. Click on any of the above classes to see the class curriculum. We look forward to seeing you.Workshops: Past, Present, and Future2004 Outer Banks Photography Workshop2005 Outer Banks Photography Workshop (October 21-23, 2005)2006 Crystal Coast Photography WorkshopWorkshops vary widely in location, subjects covered, skill level, and even in their level of difficulty from a physical standpoint. Please be sure to contact us and ask if you have any questions about an upcoming workshop.

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