Nature, Macro, Wildlife & Travel Photography

Cost: $95.00
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Instructor: Jason Mills & Dewane Frutiger
Location: ASAP Photo & Camera’s Studio + a field session
Length: (3) 2 hour sessions in studio (1) 2 hour field session
Dates: July 26, 28, 31(field day), August 2
Enrollment: 8-10 people
Info: contact [email protected]

The Nature, Macro, Wildlife & Travel Course is one of our specific interest classes. After reading the title, I’m sure you got a pretty good idea what this one is all about, and I’ll bet you noticed that the main common thread connecting these four topics is the great outdoors. We will be concentrating whole heartedly on what mother nature has to offer our films and CCD’s.

The travel portion of the title is meant to convey the fact that nature techniques are fully adept at handling urban jungles as well as rain forests and deserts. After all, we (humans) are a big player in the natural world.

We will tackle topics in the technical world of Macro photography, dicuss ethics in photographing and visiting natural places, and explore ways to capture elusive, shy, and perhaps dangerous subjects. From Ashboro’s versions to the real North American and African Plains to your own backyard, we will discuss the tools and techniques for capturing excellent images.

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